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Listen With Your Heart

Listen With Your Heart aims to bring you inside the mind and heart of a child who is not able to communicate. I wrote this story from my heart, as a mom of six beautiful children, including a son with non-verbal autism. It offers a frame of reference, a conversation opener, a small window into a child who may seem closed off from the world and disconnected from those around him or her...

This book is a plea. To recognize that there are those in our communities, families and societies, who cannot get the message out, who cannot share with you what they’re all about, who can’t give you an “elevator pitch” or any pitch at all. And yet they are here, they have beauty and richness and meaning to add to our world.
So how can we hear them? First, we need to recognize and appreciate that a child like Ari has language, he just can’t speak it. Then, we slow down and we listen with our hearts, to all parts of the child; we make the effort to see the child beyond the label, the communication behind the behavior. It will not be easy, but it will be worth it.

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