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Pixipages is a bedtime story recording app that lets you record and instantly share stories with loved ones from close or far away!

We know it’s better together, but now you can share stories right from the app, and recording is as easy as 1-2-3.

Happy Reader

Select a story from our list of popular and beloved children's titles on your iPhone--the list is always growing and changing!


Record yourself reading as many times as you want, until everything is just right. Your final recording comes complete with music and a page turn chime, so your loved one can easily read along with their book.

Studio Portrait

Instantly send your recording to any device (iOS or Android) in the world via text or email.

Pixipages: the magic of reading with faraway loved ones

How it works

Watch the easy-to-follow tutorial!

How It Works

Everybody Loves Pixipages!


Easy Breezy
This app is extremely easy to use and the available stories are the classics. A wonderful way to create a family memory. As a teacher and educator, I could use this with my students as well. No matter how old you get, it’s always nice to have a story read to you!


Great Way To Stay Connected to our grandchildren
We don’t see our grandchildren often enough, but Pixipages lets them hear our voices nightly, and hear us tell them goodnight and that we love them. Easy, easy to use. I hope they get more titles soon!


Thank You So Much!
I just finished the crayon book and the kids loved it! So glad to be able to share with them – I love that they will be able to hear my voice every day!

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