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Pixipages: the magic of reading with faraway loved ones


how Pixipages came to life

Having grown up in a military family in the 80s and 90s, I was lucky enough to explore the world and make friends from every corner of the globe. But the hard part was being away from our extended family, especially our grandparents. Now that I'm a father living on the opposite coast, I feel the distance between my son and his grandparents even more keenly. The time of the no-travel pandemic has tripled down on the issue. Given the technology that is literally at our fingertips 24-7, I was inspired to develop an app that helps bridge this distance – and thus, pixipages was born.

Hide and Seek

About Us

Pixipages is a story recording app made for the moms and dads away in the military, working parents, grandparents that live far away, au-pairs, favorite aunts and uncles and special friends.

The voices of those we love are unique heirlooms that bring back a lifetime of special memories. With more than 100 books to choose from in the library, this is a lovely way of leaving a loving heirloom that will be cherished above all.

The process is simple on the app, and the recording of the stories can be fun too!

Once the app is installed, you simply select a book that you have (or you can order it through the link on the books description in our library), have fun recording the story with a personal message at the end, and then share directly to the phone of the parents or caretaker of the little prince or princess to play at bedtime.

The story can be shared to any IOS or Android device!

We invite you to join our Pixipages family, and start sharing the love today.

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