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How do I record a book?

It's simple! First, you need to download the PixiPages app on your mobile device.
Once downloaded, the app will walk you through creating an amazing recording of you reading the book to a loved one.
Once done, you can then send this recording to anyone in the world, for them to listen to as they read along in their copy of the book.


Where can I send the recording to?

The recording you make can be sent to any IOS or Android device via email.

How do I send my recording?

Your recording will be created inside the PixiPages app on your mobile device. Sending your recording is also done in the app.
In the app, after you record the book, just click on "Send my Story" and put in the email address where you want to send it.
You also have a chance to record your story over again if you wish.

Can I do more than one book?

You can record and send any or ALL the books!

How long can I keep this recording?

The recording has no time limit for use.

Why are there Amazon links to books on your website?

The PixiPages app provides a tool to create interactive and personal recordings of favorite children's stories. We do not sell the books themselves.
It may be that you wish to purchase a copy of a book or send it together with your recording. At PixiPages, we want to support the incredible authors and illustrators who created these stories in every way possible, so we have provided easy links for you to purchase their works.

Do I need to buy the book on Amazon?

You don’t! We just wanted to offer one quick way for you to get a book in your child’s hands.


Who can I send this book to?

Any book can be sent to any address that Amazon delivers to.

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